Jul 9, 2009

Algeria FM station in Ilomantsi

This was big suprise. I was in my summer house at Ilomantsi. In 87.70 Mhz I heard 2 unid arabs talking on 21.06.2009 at 07:00 UTC.

I manage to make recording. There was already confirmed that Algerian station was heard on 87.80 Mhz in Finland. There was disortion in first clip because audio was from 87.80 Mhz. Second clip had clean female audio.

I was lucky to find Samir Elahcene homepage and he also listened my clips and confirmed second clip to be Radio Chlef, Aïn N'sour.

Here is small recording.

This is my personal Es record because Aïn N'sour is 3602 km away from Ilomantsi. My previous Es record was also from same frequency 87.70. It was Lebanon radio station Radio Nostalgie, Fatqa 3210 km. It was identified with RDS 26.07.2005 at 09:53. I also heard tentative Izaat al Shark (Radio Orient) 88.70 Mhz from Beirut 3223 km on the same day.

Jun 23, 2009

Malvisi - My Friend

When I started FM dxing in 2004 Italian FM radio station Malvisi Network was my first identifiend station.

To be exact it was 10.6.2004 at 17:47 UTC. Picture was taken with Nikon 775. I think it was good camera at that time.

Now I have Casio EXILIM EX-FH20. This picture was taken 21.06 08:07 UTC. Do You notice any difference?

Malvisi Network I hope I hear You again next summer.


Jun 27, 2008


Temporary religious radio station Suviseuraradio is now on air in many frequencies. Best frequency for me is 102.40 (Helsinki). Station will be available 27.-30.6.2008. They also have Internet stream available. Here is link for English transmission (OGG Vorbis , 48kbps).

Jun 25, 2008

Radio Peili expansion part II

Here is new transmitters list starting from 2nd july:

- Anjalankoski 91,4 MHz
- Eurajoki 107,7 MHz
- Fiskars 105,0 MHz
- Haapavesi 101,9 MHz
- Inari 105,3 MHz
- Joutsa 91,8 MHz
- Joutseno 100,7 MHz
- Kruunupyy 88,8 MHz
- Kuru 95,9 MHz
- Kuttanen 105,6 MHz
- Lapua 97,5 MHz
- Oulu 107,7 MHz
- Parkano 98,0 MHz
- Pieksämäki 104,9 MHz
- Pihtipudas 94,7 MHz
- Pyhätunturi 102,4 MHz
- Pyhävuori 104,2 MHz
- Ratasvaara 103,4 MHz
- Ruka 104,3 MHz
- Salo 100,8 MHz
- Tammela 105,4 MHz
- Tervola 101,6 MHz
- Utsjoki 107,1 MHz
- Vaasa 105,2 MHz
- Vuotso 106,5 MHz
- Ähtäri 102,9 MHz

Total transmitter count of YLE Radio Peili will be over 40.

Jun 23, 2008

Dorozhnoye Radio Lakhdenpokh'ya 104.50

When driving back from summer house I notice at Parikkala on 104.50 this new radio station. It is Dorozhnoye Radio from Lakhdenpokh'ya (in Finnish Lahdenpohja). Pictures taken from car radio display are very informative.

Some days ago I also heard Dorozhnoye Radio on 102.60. Transmitter was then Leppyasilta (again in Finnish Leppäsilta). So Dorozhnoye Radio is very common in Finland these days. They also have transmitters at Sankt Peterburg (87.50) and Petrozavodsk (107.20) and Peldozha (100.70) and many more.

It is always good to hear this kind of radio stations. They will do some change to little bit boring Finnish radios. I am not sure if they use playlist. Almost all Finnish station use lists so anyway lists are very different.

Jun 22, 2008

Only a tiny Es

Sporatic E or Es is FM-listener's most wanted mode. It has been very quit for last 2-3 weeks now. Yesterday there was small opening to Romania. Here it last about 15 minutes. Only station that I could solve (with my friends) was RR Actualitati on 91.40 MHz. Program was "80 de ani de muzica în 80 de ani de Radio". Names Gabriela Scraba and Gabriel Marica was later mentioned. Distance to transmitter is about 2076 km which is very typical Es-skip.

91.400 21.6. 0947- ROU: Radio Romania Actualitati. Turnu-Severin -tx

Here is small recording 200806211247_9140.mp3

Jun 18, 2008

Radio Peili now on air

Radio Peili is now on air in easter Finland with their new high power transmitters. I can myself hear 100.40 Kiihtelysvaara and 103.20 Kerimäki both on RDS level. Also new for me are 90.80 Nilsiä, 100.70 Joutseno, 101.20 Vuokatti, 101.80 Mikkeli and 107.90 Iisalmi. Radio Peili has now total of 19 transmitters on air. Previously they have only six transmitters so 13 is new. And more to come from first of July. After the last batch Radio Peili will probably has over 30 transmitters and nationwide coverage all over Finland.

Upcoming new frequencies of high power transmitters in easter Finland will be 94.70, 104.90, 106.40 and 107.00. Transmitter locations for these frequencies are not yet known but I guess that they will be from existing sites.

And the last notice PI-code has changed to 6207.